Opting-out, pt. 1

So, I just can't stand how many things have become utterly unaffordable, unattainable and downright ridiculous. When it comes to consumer goods, that is. I found (yes, found, really) an abandoned MP3 player that I adopted as my own. After much fiddling with the thing I figured out how to work it. Well, of course to do so, it needs some accessories. So I went over to our local Best Buy and got a power and sync cord- for $35! I really had no choice, of course, as I can not reasonably fashion for myself a power cord of any kind. So, shell out I did do. I have been since that time of acquisition, using the MP3 player (which is a Sansa, not an i-Pod) extensively in my workouts. Which always poses the challenges of: not dropping the player, not choking myself with it, not accidentally turning it off, not yanking the headphones out, etc. So, recently I thought I should probably get one of those sport bands that goes on your arm to securely hold the player while you work out. Upon looking for these at the store I discovered they are $30+ for a small piece of elastic/plastic/velcro!! I could not, under any definition I hold of good conscience and good sense, pay that amount for that pitiful excuse for workmanship. Then and there I decided "I could make one of these!" Ah, how many times I have had that thought and done nothing whatsoever with it. However, this time I did! I just today sat down and fashioned an MP3 holder out of elastic band, velcro strips and a few strips of canvas. It took about an hour and cost perhaps $3 worth of materials to make. Not only do I know have a unique MP3 holder, but I have one that is innocent of many of the faults of modern mass-production: poorly paid labor, pollution, questionable source materials, dangerous plastics usage, long transportation distances, and poor workmanship. I'll be honest, the stiching on mine is less-than-perfect, and one of the seams is definitely crooked. But overall, it meets the need quite well, and makes me proud to have posed a problem and solved it for myself. So I say to the big capitalist profit making gurus: take that! I can make my own and be happy!

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